Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #8

Stay Hydrated on April Fools’ Day

All you need to pull this refreshing prank is a plastic water bottle and a pushpin.

Fill the bottle with water, screw the top back on, and use the pushpin to punch holes in the sides of the bottle down near the bottom edge. The water will stay inside the bottle as long as the lid is on. But when you victim opens it to take a sip, the fun begins.

Youthful Pranks of Famous People

Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt all pulled some admirable pranks before they became famous. Get some inspiration for April Fools' Day by reading about these overachievers' youthful pranks here:

Don't Miss the 32nd Annual April Fools' Day Parade!

If you're in New York City on April 1, 2017, be sure to attend the Annual April Fools' Day Parade. This year's parade has a "Trumpathon" theme, and participants are asked to dress up as a Trump lookalike. The parade kicks off at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street at noon on Saturday, April 1, 2017, rain or shine, and heads down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park where the King of Fools will be selected from costumed participants. The organizers are expecting the world's largest gathering of Trump lookalikes! Don't miss the spectacle!

For information contact: Joey Skaggs, Committee Chair, 212-254-7878,