Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #5

The Amazing Shrinking Underwear

This pranks costs a few bucks, but it’s worth the expense. It’s ideal to pull on a sibling.

First, check out the exact brand and size of your victim’s underwear. Then buy the same style but in one size smaller, and then one size smaller than that, and one size smaller than that.

On Day 1 of your prank, sneak several pairs of the one-size smaller underwear in the victim’s drawer where they are sure to grab it first. The next day, sneak the twice as small pairs into the drawer. Continue on Day 3. If your victim mentions that something crazy is happening with their underwear, say that maybe they need to go on a diet if nothing fits anymore.

You can also do this prank with socks, T-shirts, hats, or other clothing.