Radio tour part 2

Day 2 of the radio tour started in Cleveland and continued on to 17 other cities (or "markets," as I now call them). Once again, the DJs were great. I especially enjoyed Brother Wease in Rochester, who called Pranklopedia a "cute-ass" book and me a "broad," and Tron in Denver, who had enough excellent pranks of his own to fill another volume. The tour ended in time for me to pull a carefully planned April Fools' prank on my boyfriend, Stephen, that went off flawlessly. I put a fake but very real-looking magpie near the bird feeder out back. Stephen freaked out when he saw it, looked it up in his bird book, identified it as a magpie, and decided it was an escapee that might be injured. He was seconds away from alerting the NYC sanitation department to come get it when I confessed.